Re: Tests with difficult/confusing pass condition/wording: c414-flt-ln-002.htm

> On 08/09/10 21:57, "Gérard Talbot" wrote:
>>> ==== CSS1 Test Suite Contributors, Ian Hickson ====
>> * The description is too complicated, and it's difficult to tell easily
>>> if
>>> things are really level.
>> One way to tell is by highlighting the line. And then we realize that
the small coloured boxes ([A][B][C][D]) tops are not perfectly flush
with their correspondent big coloured boxes.
>>> Maybe this can be split up into multiple
>>> simpler
>>> tests?
looks like one but it's not a less complex testcase.
>> I examined
a bit and I do not see an easy, quick, clear, clean and reliable way
>> improve the testcase right now.
>> Odd.. we discussed this c414-flt-ln-002.htm test before:
>> but no one seem to have noticed that the small vs big coloured boxes are
>> not perfectly lined up, flush at their respective top.

> Geoffrey Sneddon wrote:

> Highlighting the line is only helpful if they do actually render on
the same line: I've almost never seen them actually all get rendered
on the same line, and I've seen it go both ways, having multiple large
boxes on a single line as well as not having the small box on the same
line as the large one.
> The main difficulty with that test is the low likelihood you actually
get all the boxes on the same line.


I have triple-checked

and I have also created

and appended screenshots of what I see/get under Opera 10.62 (build
3500) under Windows XP.

I also started a thread on www-style mailing list:

[CSS 2.1] [Section 9.5.1] Vertical positioning of floating boxes

I believe there are some problems under Opera 10.62 (build 3500) under
Windows XP (but not under Linux Kubuntu) which affects the horizontal or
vertical positioning of floats. Such problem, which has been
corroborated by another poster in www-style, may have caused you to say
"I've almost never seen them actually all get rendered on the same

As far as I'm concerned,
is correct and only needs text tweaking/better wording of expected results.

I want to create and I will create a testcase very close or identical to
because it would come from the spec itself and would therefore be a very
reliable, welcomed and trustworthy inclusing into the test suite.

regards, Gérard
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