[CSS 2.1] [Section 9.5.1] Vertical positioning of floating boxes

Dear fellow www-style colleagues,

I need a second opinion and I am open to criticisms.

Regarding this testcase:


1- Is this testcase correct? Am I missing something (except maybe the
somewhat tortuous wording of the expected results)? Is there something
wrong in such testcase?

2- Shouldn't that margin box of that big triple-A-letters
left-floating-box be placed at top-left corner of its enclosing <div> *in
the first line box*?

3- When text-selecting/highlighting a chunk of text (by dragging the
mouse), we are in fact hightlighting what exactly? I think we are
highlighting the content area; I think we are not highlighting the line
box. Am I wrong?

4- If you use Opera 10.62 under Windows XP to view such testcase and then
Opera 10.62 under Linux, do you see a difference in terms of vertical
positioning of the big triple-A-letters box? Yes? No?

Regarding this testcase:


1- The bright green square is right after the 3rd word (in the source
code) in those 2 examples while the width of the paragraph is large, wide
enough to still render the first 5 words of the paragraphs for the first
line box. I did that on purpose so that the text versus bright green box
would not be in a too tight horizontal space.

Opera 10.62 under Windows XP displays the bright green square's margin box
starting on the 2nd line box, not on the first line box, in the second
example. The 2 examples in that testcase should be rendered identically,
pixel per pixel, according to section 9.5.1.
Am I missing something here? Can you explain this?

2- Opera 10.62 under Windows XP and Opera 10.62 under Linux render that
same testcase differently. Do you see such difference too? What I mean
here is that "A floating box must be placed as high as possible" according
to CSS 2.1 and that left-floating bright green square is not as high as it
can be in the second example of the testcase in Opera 10.62 under Windows

On Linux, I assume and expect that "DejaVu Serif" will be used while under
Windows XP, I assume and expect "Times New Roman". Anyway, I do not think
this explains or should justify differences in rendering here.

I can provide screenshots if requested..

regards, Gérard
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