Re: Review of cursor-023.htm (CSS test: PNG cursor) (chapter 18)

> On 07/03/2010 09:13 PM, "Gérard Talbot" wrote:

>> 4- FWIW, (strange) Firefox 3.6.6 does not pass this
>> 20100701/html4/cursor-023.htm test under Windows XP but will pass it
>> under Linux KDE.
>> (strange) Safari 5.0 under XP Pro passes this test
>> but fails this test
>> And no error reported in the respective consoles.
> Hm, interesting. I converted the image to PNG when converting the
> test for the CSS2.1 test suite. Maybe PNG is not a supported cursor
> format on some systems, but GIF is. I've added a copy in GIF as a
> fallback, please check if this solves the problem:
> ~fantasai


I loaded
in Firefox 3.6.6 under XP Pro SP3 and the test still fails. I even
edited the testcase with DOM Inspector to force Firefox 3.6.6 to try to
load the url(support/cat.gif) image in the cursor declaration and it
still did not work. I also unchecked "Enable pointer shadow" in Mouse
settings (Control Panel/Mouse/Pointers tab) in Windows to make sure such
setting would not interfere with the test but to no avail.

I have given up. It's a mystery to me as to why Firefox 3.6.6 passes
in Linux KDE but fails in Windows XP Pro SP3.

Image file format support (.gif versus .png) does not seem to be the
issue here. Maybe it's related to my os settings... but I doubt this.

regards, Gérard
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