Re: CSS Selectors -- clarification requested

On Sat, 29 May 2004, Justin Wood wrote:
>> Good point. The new text will read:
>>   <p>Select everything in this document. The following two constructs
>>   (in the thick black borders) should end up looking identical. You
>>   should also check that the cursor is the same on equivalent parts
>>   (in particular the cursor should either be a crosshair over "Tree"
>>   and the default everywhere else, or the default everywhere).</p>
>> Let me know if that is clear enough.
> Sounds good, but my marking 'should' that implies (at least to me) that
> it /is/ still possible to pass if the cursor is not the same, even on a
> UA that supports cursor.  The pass/fail criteria is more what I was
> looking at in that test.

"Should" means it is a requirement. It's English. :-) (The test suite
doesn't refer to RFC2119.)

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