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Thank you for your interesting "map of the technological future." I am
concerned, however, that because your map contains no mention of
Human Rights, it omits a very important evolutionary dimension that should
receive much more attention than it typically does today. If Metaverse
developers are successful in achieving their stated goals, we will find
that more and more of our daily interactions will take place within one or
another Metaverse instance. Given the current expectation that a
Metaverse will be developed and hosted by a "private" entity, such as a
corporation, and not by a government, I wonder: "What Human Rights will we
humans have within a Metaverse?"

Current law, in many jurisdictions, now protects individuals from
government abridgement of rights. But those same laws usually don't protect
us from abridgements which result from contractual
relationships between individuals and corporations. Today, one may have a
"Freedom of Speech" when within a "public square," managed or regulated by
a government, however, many would argue that no such right should exist
within a Metaverse owned by a non-government entity. If, as with The Matrix
(Yes, the movie..), our entire experience were hosted within a Metaverse,
we would have essentially no rights relevant to the experience of our daily
lives. This cannot be considered acceptable...

My personal feeling is that if Metaverses are to become significant venues
for human interaction, it is essential that a concept of "rights" must be
imported into and enforced within them. We will need protection against
abridgements by Metaverse owners -- since they will have effectively become
the "governments" most relevant to our daily lives. Thus, I would be
pleased if your map were to reflect an evolution from essentially "no
rights" today to an enforcement, in the future (2050?), of at least those
rights guaranteed by the UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights
<> --
particularly, but not limited to, those rights that are defined in its
Article 19:

> *Article 19: Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression;
> this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to
> seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and
> regardless of frontiers.*

I recognize that the primary focus of your map is on technical matters.
However, I am convinced that, while developing technical systems, we should
be cognizant of the impact that our creations have on the non-technical
aspects of their users' lives -- particularly their impact on users' Human
Rights. Please consider adding this aspect into your map and other analyses.

bob wyman

On Fri, Feb 10, 2023 at 2:51 PM Moses Ma <>

> Hi everyone,
> Two things –
> 1) First, is there a federated tracking system that reports how many DIDs
> and VCs have been issued? Or predictions for how many will be issued in the
> future? This is for a book I'm writing, which includes a section on
> decentralized identity.
> 2) Second, I wanted to invite you to participate in the creation of a map
> of the technological future. A proper analysis would require a four
> quadrant scenario planning analysis, whereas this is more for mainstream
> consumption. If you'd like to comment or add to my company's map, you can
> do so here:
> **
> <>
> Note: if your contribution is "substantive", please include your name,
> contact and affiliation in the comment for attribution. If your coment is
> specifically about the future of DIDs/VCs, feel free to respond to the
> list... but if you just want to BS about the future in general - which
> would be off topic - please reply to me personally, rather than to the
> list.
> Thanks everyone!
> Moses
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