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On 10/27/20 6:08 AM, Yancy wrote:
> The majority of responses from community and _not_ from leadership have
> been in favor of _not_ using Zoom.  I think the current work done by
> volunteers to deploy the current Jitsi solution is awesome, and I hope
> the spirit will not be lost by "temporarily" switching back to Zoom.

I'd like to add to Ryan, Amy, and Yancy's concerns while underscoring
what I believe the Chairs are attempting to achieve.

I am 100% committed to fixing the W3C CCGs teleconference
infrastructure. I've personally put in hundreds of hours over the past
decade putting the previous 3 iterations of the system in place, and
over 70 hours of work into rewriting the latest Jitsi-based iteration. I
will happily continue to put in the effort as long as we're committed to
build inclusive, open-standards based solutions upon which to do our work.

The new Chairs set inclusivity and responsiveness to the needs of the
community as a goal, which I take seriously.

To be crystal clear, I am strongly opposed to Zoom as a long-term
solution for this community group. We are here to build open standards
and it looks hypocritical for us to do so using proprietary technology
if there is a viable alternative.

At the same time, the Chairs and most of the community want tools that
help us have an effective meeting first and foremost, and prioritize
that over using open standards to hold those meetings.

With that in mind, I did request that the Chairs hold this weeks (and
possibly next weeks) meeting on Zoom because Jitsi not enabling 20% of
the people behind aggressive firewalls to join the meeting via their
choice of browser will lead to distrust in our infrastructure. People
don't like it when things don't "just work".

Yes, the people that couldn't join via Jitsi always have the option to
join via IRC and via phone, but there would be complaints resulting in
something akin to the flip side of this thread: "Why do we have to use
Jitsi when it doesn't work for everyone!? Aren't we excluding a part of
the community?! What, I have to use a *phone*!?!"

Just voicing an opinion as a member of this community. I'll send a
separate email wrt. the status of the upgrade and expected timeline.

-- manu

Manu Sporny -
Founder/CEO - Digital Bazaar, Inc.
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