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From: Craig Francis <krang@krang.org.uk>
Date: Sun, 27 May 2007 20:55:20 +0100
Message-Id: <C53053F1-3715-45CB-BF6F-C0343752F536@krang.org.uk>
To: public-comments-wcag20@w3.org

Just been reading the overview at:


And I have been finding it a little difficult to keep track where I  
am in the document... which I think can be improved with a couple of  
little tweaks to the style sheet.

I've done a quick bodge job version at:


I've only tested it in FireFox 2, as its just to show some ideas I  
have had - please note that I am not a designer, and only have a very  
basic understanding of design theory.

In the example, I only changed the main style sheet (qr.css) and  
removed the 'style' attribute from the 'submitAsCT' paragraph, as the  
padding was not necessary. The rest of the HTML is still technically  
the same, but has gone though 'HTML Tidy' to make it easier to read.

Really the only issue I had with the current design is determining  
which parts are the headings, and content.

I think this is because the yellow boxes are currently indented,  
which gives the impression that they are 'pull-outs'.

To reinforce the 'child' properties of the main content (white  
background), I indented it and added a border around each part... I  
thought that the indenting alone left the content 'floating'.

The 'advisory' box has then been indented to the same level as the  
main content, so that it does not give the impression that its a  
child of the last section (usually titled 'common failures').

Additionally I have removed some of the rules concerning the font- 
size... mostly because I think the current choice is a little to  
small for a default... instead opting to use the browsers default  
font size.

I hope this might be of some use, and I know I should be focusing  
more on the content... but I get the impression that this Overview  
will be one of the most used documents, so I think we should try to  
make it easy to understand as possible.

Thank you,
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