[Buzzkill] Cleaning Up Web Audio API Spec

Hi, folks–

TL;DR: We're publishing the heartbeat draft of the Web Audio API spec as 
it is this time, but for next publication, we'd like to clean out some 
of the inappropriate images and references.

Long version:
In preparing the Web Audio API spec for publication, I noticed some 
oddities that had escaped my attention before. I wasn't in charge of 
handling publications before, so please forgive me that this comes a bit 

There are several images and link references to specific products (e.g. 
section 16 Example Applications). This is a problem, since I'm not 
certain that we've obtained the rights to use those images or brands, 
and it could seem like an endorsement, which isn't appropriate for a 
vendor-neutral spec.

I've spoken with PLH, the Interaction domain lead about this. This spec 
has already been published with those images, links, and product names, 
most going back to FPWD, so we aren't going to delay the publication of 
this spec, but for future versions, we'd like to clean the spec up to 
remove explicit images, links, or references to specific products or 

Some other material seems more in line for an informative document, like 
the use case and requirements document, than for the specification 
itself, so we might like to move that out as well.

I'm happy to help with this, on future versions of the spec.

But I first wanted to call this out to the Working Group, and make sure 
that we were all on the same page.



Received on Monday, 7 October 2013 21:06:45 UTC