Re: [Buzzkill] Cleaning Up Web Audio API Spec

2013/10/7 Doug Schepers <>:
> Hi, folks–
> TL;DR: We're publishing the heartbeat draft of the Web Audio API spec as it
> is this time, but for next publication, we'd like to clean out some of the
> inappropriate images and references.
> Long version:
> In preparing the Web Audio API spec for publication, I noticed some oddities
> that had escaped my attention before. I wasn't in charge of handling
> publications before, so please forgive me that this comes a bit late.
> There are several images and link references to specific products (e.g.
> section 16 Example Applications). This is a problem, since I'm not certain
> that we've obtained the rights to use those images or brands, and it could
> seem like an endorsement, which isn't appropriate for a vendor-neutral spec.
> I've spoken with PLH, the Interaction domain lead about this. This spec has
> already been published with those images, links, and product names, most
> going back to FPWD, so we aren't going to delay the publication of this
> spec, but for future versions, we'd like to clean the spec up to remove
> explicit images, links, or references to specific products or services.
> Some other material seems more in line for an informative document, like the
> use case and requirements document, than for the specification itself, so we
> might like to move that out as well.
> I'm happy to help with this, on future versions of the spec.
> But I first wanted to call this out to the Working Group, and make sure that
> we were all on the same page.
> Thoughts?

I think it's the right thing to do. The spec should be a spec (dry as
it comes). There can be simple, informative code examples (only a few
lines of code per example) if they can help make the normative text
easier to understand, but other informative material belongs


> Regards-
> -Doug

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