Re: [Buzzkill] Cleaning Up Web Audio API Spec

On 07/10/2013 17:06, Doug Schepers wrote:
> Hi, folks–
> TL;DR: We're publishing the heartbeat draft of the Web Audio API spec as
> it is this time, but for next publication, we'd like to clean out some
> of the inappropriate images and references.
> Long version:
> In preparing the Web Audio API spec for publication, I noticed some
> oddities that had escaped my attention before. I wasn't in charge of
> handling publications before, so please forgive me that this comes a bit
> late.
> There are several images and link references to specific products (e.g.
> section 16 Example Applications). This is a problem, since I'm not
> certain that we've obtained the rights to use those images or brands,
> and it could seem like an endorsement, which isn't appropriate for a
> vendor-neutral spec.

Agreed. I can do the editing once we agree on what to modify for the
next publication.

I'm thinking of removing product names (GarageBand is cited, for
example), company names (EA is cited), and screenshots, basically
cleaning up the section 16, "Example Applications" [0]. In addition,
maybe we could remove the references to other software in section 11,
Spatialization and Panning [1].

I also feel that the changelog is not really useful (especially now that
we have the full history on GitHub), but this is somewhat a less
concerning issue.

Anything to add to/remove from this list of stuff to remove?



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