Re: [Buzzkill] Cleaning Up Web Audio API Spec


On 7 Oct 2013, at 22:06, Doug Schepers <> wrote:

> TL;DR: We're publishing the heartbeat draft of the Web Audio API spec as it is this time, but for next publication, we'd like to clean out some of the inappropriate images and references.

Getting back to this and looking at what we need to do to get to a state where we can make another official publication of the Web Audio API.

1) ReSpec - Paul has been working on migrating (back) to ReSpec. The draft is at and looks good, as far as I can tell. Only obvious bug seems to be that the numbering of sections has been shifted off by one. Not sure its on purpose, or that its a good idea.

2) The AudioBuffer Data Races proposal needs to be integrated into the draft. Tracked here: - assigned to Paul. Paul, whats the status?

3) Remove the sections weve agreed should not be in the spec but in companion documentation. On this Paul wrote:
> I'm thinking of removing product names (GarageBand is cited, for
> example), company names (EA is cited), and screenshots, basically
> cleaning up the section 16, "Example Applications" [0]. In addition,
> maybe we could remove the references to other software in section 11,
> Spatialization and Panning [1].


 possibly we should remove the change log too - mooted by link to github.

Paul, is this on your plate too? Id like to assign an action item for this to be tracked and completed soon.

4) The oscillator/phase pull request has been reviewed and should be merged.

Anything else?

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