ML + GH issue tracker

Hi everyone,

Now that we've moved to the github issue tracker, I'd like to question
whether it's really necessary that the issue tracker notifications are
propagated to the mailing list? Even with the Bugzilla tracker, this
contributed to noise (as those participating in the issue would receive the
notification mail twice, once from bugzilla, once from the ML) as well as
confusion (as people would reply to these messages, forking the thread).

Now with Github's automatic reply handling, the forking problem is
mitigated, but the noise is even worse as the ML sometimes replies to the
issues causing duplicated comments even in the issue tracker.

At least with ECMA and other standards groups I've been participating, I
haven't noticed a practice of polluting the mailing list with the issue
tracker items. If someone wants to get notifications for all things issue
tracker, that's pretty easy to do on Github.



Received on Saturday, 5 October 2013 09:16:35 UTC