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20 Jan will be next Web Annotation WG meeting

[web-annotation] Added a dokieli example

[web-annotation] Citing images in HTML

[web-annotation] Fix simple typo in model/wd2

[web-annotation] Fix SVG 1.0 to SVG 1.1 reference

[web-annotation] PR publication process

[web-annotation] Rob selector note comments

[web-annotation] Selector Fragment URI Usage in HTML Serialization Note

[web-annotation] Selector note reference note

[web-annotation] Track alignment between motivations and other ontologies

[web-annotation] update json-ld examples

[web-annotation] WIP: Tweaks and changes to the HTML Serialization Note

Closed: [web-annotation] Fix SVG 1.0 to SVG 1.1 reference

Fwd: Three documents by Web Annotation Working Group are W3C Proposed Recommendations (Call for Review)

Meeting Minutes, 2016-01-06

Minutes of meeting, 2017-01-20

Minutes of meeting, 2017-01-27

Selectors as URI fragments

Web Anno Agenda: Telco 2017-01-06

Web Anno Telco for 20 January

Web Anno Telco for 27 January - HTML Serialization

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