Re: [web-annotation] Selector Fragment URI Usage in HTML Serialization Note

@tkanai good point on the IRI thing...not sure how best to mention 
that though without opening pandora's box. 😕 Thoughts?

> By the way, are there any strong reasons to express the fragment 
selector as ID? The selector itself is well structured and the 
selected text, or something, could be identical with another 
representation of fragment selector (ID). Do we need to tell them 

Do you mean that you could reference a paragraph by both it's 
author-given fragment ID (ex: `#para1`) and via a Selector Fragment 
(ex: `#selector(type....)`)? The biggest difference being that one 
doesn't need the author of the referenced text to name all the 
things--which I know you know. 😄 Should we mention that?

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