Re: [web-annotation] Selector Fragment URI Usage in HTML Serialization Note

According to [HTML5 
 the cite attribute must be a valid URL, then, the IRI based fragment 
selector (ID) must be converted into URL (Location), strictly 
Since "%" in IRI is not a part of reserved character in URL, the 
letters, such as %20, %3D, %2C, %23, which are percent encoded in the 
selector mapping process must be re-encoded and will become %2520, 
%253D, %252C, %2523, respectively.
I don't think it is necessary to modify the examples, they are valid 
URLs fortunately, but I think the process of IRI to URL conversion 
should be mentioned in the section.

By the way, are there any strong reasons to express the fragment 
selector as ID? The selector itself is well structured and the 
selected text, or something, could be identical with another 
representation of fragment selector (ID). Do we need to tell them 

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Received on Tuesday, 31 January 2017 05:38:55 UTC