Re: allowable characters in token as used in parameter ABNF

Anne van Kesteren wrote:
> ...
> Well, I don't really see the drawback in allowing more bytes by default. default in what?

> It seems that you always need a specific parser at some point except for 
> headers that take fixed token values, but for those being more lenient 

so let's s/parser/parser component/

> is not an issue. Therefore I was wondering whether a concept of generic 
> parser is even used/needed in implementations today. Or maybe they have 
> such a concept, but it already is far more lenient so it can also cope 
> with e.g. Link and Cookie-related headers. And maybe Authorization? And 

You tell me. What does Opera do here?

> custom set headers through setRequestHeader() per chance? Should 
> setRequestHeader() impose less strict requirements than it does now?
> ...

Sounds a bit as if you're now referring to the non-ASCII issue. That's 
orthogonal, I think.

BR, Julian

Received on Friday, 5 February 2010 16:26:27 UTC