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how to close a HTTP/1.1 connection ? (Monday, 30 June)

Proxy and HTTP protocol versions Sudha Subramanian (Saturday, 7 June)

100 Continue problem Prashanto Chatterjee (Friday, 30 May)

HTTP chunk transfer Sadiq_Js (Friday, 30 May)

http and port Venn Lopez (Friday, 30 May)

Simple HTTP server problem (without proxy) Voronkov Konstantin (Wednesday, 28 May)

Content-Type: text/x-hdml; charset=Shift_JIS Sadiq_Js (Monday, 26 May)

OS problem Sadiq_Js (Wednesday, 14 May)

RSS traces Mark Nottingham (Thursday, 8 May)

Digest protection spaces Jim Luther (Wednesday, 7 May)

Draft TAG finding available: Client handling of MIME headers Ian B. Jacobs (Tuesday, 6 May)

Use hash to reduce traffic Tim Tailor (Monday, 5 May)

polling re: Upgrade and CONNECT support Scott Lawrence (Thursday, 1 May)

mistake in section 8.1.2 of RFC2616? Pierre Phaneuf (Wednesday, 30 April)

POSTING CHUNKED MESSAGE Sadiq_Js (Monday, 28 April)

Sending Connect request rajev samyal (Saturday, 26 April)

rfc2617 BNF quoting issues Jim Luther (Monday, 21 April)

re: unsubscribe laurence lesueur (Thursday, 17 April)

mailing list laurence lesueur (Wednesday, 16 April)

Re: 206 as a result of weak If-Range Alex Rousskov (Tuesday, 15 April)

RFC 2617: Which character should be used? Yngve Nysaeter Pettersen (Tuesday, 15 April)

search feature Fabian Weber (Wednesday, 9 April)

search feature Fabian Weber (Wednesday, 9 April)

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