Re: RFC 2617: Which character should be used?

Yngve Nysaeter Pettersen <> writes:

> My suggestion is that UTF-8 is selected as the character set used to encode
> the username and password values when creating the "user-pass" string
> (sec. 2) and the "username-value" and "passwd" strings in sec. 3.2.2. It
> might also be an idea to specify the same for other text attributes as well.

I just took a look at the spec to try to come up with specific
language for this.  

Section A1 add:

   The passwd value used should be encoded using UTF-8.
I don't think it's an issue for the user-pass string or
username-value, since these are just literals that are passed in the
clear to the server anyway.  Can't the server just use them as is?

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Received on Wednesday, 16 April 2003 08:20:38 UTC