Re: http and port

On Thu, 29 May 2003, Venn Lopez wrote:

> As i understand the http server usually uses port 80, that means port
> 80 has to be opened for client's access. I'd like to know if there is
> any port requirements in the client side, should Client PC's port 80 be
> opened as well in order to have a http posting?

Not for HTTP. There are not connections back to the client. Browsers may
implement FTP URLs, which require a different port on the server. I'm not
sure if browsers support only PASV FTP, if so there is no connection to
the client. Older nonPASV FTP requires that the data connection be opened
from the server to client. I mention this only for problem determination
purposes as it should not be required today.

Of course, port 80 is the default. HTTPS requires 443 by default AND some
servers define different ports for HTTP based access.

Dave MOrris

Received on Thursday, 29 May 2003 20:41:19 UTC