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MTOM, constraints on nodes types Herve Ruellan (Thursday, 29 January)

Issue 442 closed Jacek Kopecky (Wednesday, 28 January)

New MTOM Issue: SOAP processing model and Representation Header noah_mendelsohn@us.ibm.com (Wednesday, 28 January)

Resolution for Issue 446 Martin Gudgin (Monday, 26 January)

Resolution for issue 440 Martin Gudgin (Monday, 26 January)

Resolution for Issue 440 Martin Gudgin (Monday, 26 January)

Issue 17rec Closed Carine Bournez (Wednesday, 21 January)

Resolution of XMLP Rec Issue 17 David Fallside (Wednesday, 21 January)

Resolution to Rec-Issue-17 David Fallside (Wednesday, 21 January)

Round 4- 20040116 - SOAP v1.2(c) Test Collection cheekai@SoftML.Net (Monday, 19 January)

Re: Issue 7rec Closed Chin Chee-Kai (Saturday, 17 January)

New MTOM & XOP Issue: what if the input contains a xop:include? noah_mendelsohn@us.ibm.com (Thursday, 15 January)

XMLP issue 445 closed Jacek Kopecky (Wednesday, 14 January)

Comments on SOAP 1.2 Rec docs David Fallside (Thursday, 8 January)

Fw: Bad link in specs [was: SOAP 1.1 w3c Recommendation ??] David Fallside (Wednesday, 7 January)

T20 is missing Zhu Li Qiang (Monday, 5 January)

Re: Issue 14rec Closed David Booth (Saturday, 3 January)

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