One-way messaging in SOAP 1.2


I'd like to raise a new issue:

In Part 1, section 5.3 we find:

"Every binding specification MUST support the transmission and 
processing of one-way messages as described in this specification. A 
binding specification MAY state that it supports additional features, in 
which case the binding specification MUST provide for maintaining state, 
performing processing, and transmitting information in a manner 
consistent with the specification for those features."

This paragraph is potentially confusing, either we mean:

(i) All bindings must support a one-way MEP, in which case there are two 
   (a) we currently don't define a one way MEP in the specification
   (b) the HTTP binding we do define doesn't support a one-way MEP

or (my reading)

(ii) All bindings must at a minimum define how to move a message from 
one node to another, in which case I would propose that we add a 
clarification along the lines of "Note, this does not mean that all 
bindings must support a one way MEP, only that they MUST define how to 
move a message from one SOAP node to another".

Comments ?


Received on Wednesday, 16 January 2002 06:21:29 UTC