Some new text

Hi folks:

I'd like to propose amended text for the first paragraph in section
2.8.1 of part 1.  The idea is to express in slightly greater detail what
a "property" actually is.  Text follows:

A "property" in the Features and Properties architecture represents a
named runtime value which affects the behaviour of some aspect of a Web
service interaction, much like an environment variable.  For example, a
reliable messaging SOAP module may specify a property to control the
number of retries in the case of network failure.  WSDL documents may
specify the value constraints for these properties by referring to a
Schema type, or by specifying a particular value.  Properties, and hence
property values, can be shared amongst features/bindings/modules, and
are named with URIs precisely to allow this type of sharing.


Received on Monday, 26 July 2004 12:27:44 UTC