Re: "operation name" .. an alternate proposal

"David Booth" <> writes:
> At 12:31 PM 7/8/2004 -0700, Prasad Yendluri wrote:
> >. . . My preference would be towards a mechanism that captures [the
> >operation name] in the message itself . . . .
> I agree that this would be conceptually cleaner layering, having the
> message body include all and only the information that is semantically
> relevant to the application (since the operation name is clearly
> semantically relevant if it is used to dispatch).  However, my perception
> is that this isn't the direction the industry winds are blowing.

At least in WS-Addressing this information does indeed flow as
a part of the message: see the <wsa:Action> header (and the
<wsa:RelatesTo> header).

However, we're not about to expand our scope to cover that space ..
so I am not looking for us to define a SOAP header for these .. I was
looking for an abstract thing that works and a concrete thing that we
already have (soapAction).


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