What does WSDL describe?

I'm going to hazard asking this seemingly dumb question, because
frankly, I just don't seem to know the answer anymore (after reading
some of the answers to Umit's question, but also some of Jim
Webber's messages earlier).

What does WSDL 1.2 describe?

If it describes a service which can have various things that might
be asked of it, then we need something to describe those things and
provide a mapping to a protocol which can ask those things.  Right?
Does/will WSDL 1.2 do this?  WSDL 1.1 seemed to do this well.

If it describes a "message endpoint"(?) to which messages are delivered,
then we'd need a service description layer on top of that.  Does/will
WSDL 1.2 do this (the "message endpoint" bit, not the service layer,
which is the previous question)?

If it describes a "document endpoint" to which documents are delivered
for processing, or requested from the endpoint, then that'd be ok, as
that would be the service layer.  Does/will WSDL 1.2 do this?


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