RE: What does WSDL describe?


> I see from many messages in this and other discussion lists that many
people make the association between a WSDL "operation" and a method on
an object at the other end. Again, that's because the current tooling
out there has forced us to think of web services as objects with

Forced is a bit strong. There are toolkits which use WSDL to generate code but there are other platforms which use documents as their native format. I think both models have equal merit and Web Services has proved to be an way of enabling these two universes to communicate.   

> We didn't send a document called "Buy a car" or "Buy a motorcycle". We
just sent a document called "OrderForm1". 

I guess in this example i'd choose an operation name of "SubmitOrder" or "BuyVehicle", and let the content (partNumber or whatever) provide the constriction, but maybe i'm missing the point - I'll re-read the post and think some more about this!


Paul Sumner Downey
Web Services Integration
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Received on Friday, 24 October 2003 07:06:21 UTC