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SpeechTEK call for participation now available James Larson (Thursday, 22 December)

HTML Speech XG Completes, seeks feedback for eventual standardization Dan Burnett (Monday, 12 December)

[scxml] ANN: initial release of StateCharts Interpretation and Optimization eNgine (SCION) Jacob Beard (Thursday, 1 December)

SCXML entry order Carlos Verdes (Tuesday, 29 November)

question about mailing list policy Jacob Beard (Wednesday, 30 November)

nothing on the spec to clear dtmf buffer ? Stephane Boyera (Thursday, 20 October)

CCXML IR Assertion 610 -- xml:base Dean, Kyle (Monday, 17 October)

Re: Comments from PFWG on CSS3 Speech Module Daniel Weck (Saturday, 15 October)

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