Re: Forced Resignation

Robin Berjon wrote:
> >
> > Maybe that means it's working as intended?
> In a world in which a trivial form of logic applied this would indeed 
> hold, but the problem in question can be approached from many angles
> and could therefore, if it were threatening us, be observed from
> other vantage points.

I don't disagree in the slightest.

> If you're going to assume malice, at the very least assume minimally 
> competent malice. Not only is it kinder and more respectful to those
> who really are out to get you, but if you stop to think about it
> being paranoid about dumbness is a waste of perfectly good
> fretfulness.

I'm not, nor am I required to in order to defend my position, assuming
malice. I do see an architectural shift from interoperability to
"what's best for browsers" and would prefer if browser vendors didn't
"capture" the TAG -- which isn't outside the realm of possibilities
without the rule in question, despite its drawbacks.

> No one is aiming to take over the TAG.

No, just the Web...


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