Re: "Publishing and Linking on the Web Draft Published" in W3C news

This is a comment on 

I applaud the TAG and the authors/editors (Ashok Malhotra, Larry
Masinter, Jeni Tennison and Daniel Appelquist) for the work on this
document.  I think this is a particularly difficult document to write,
but very important.  Thank you!  Although I have not read it in detail,
after skimming through it I do have one suggestion.  

How about putting an executive summary up front, with the key points in
simple, non-technical (or minimally technical) language?  

Since this document is intended "to inform future social and legal
discussions of the Web", and most of the people involved in such
discussions are likely to have minimal technical understanding of the
web (or willingness to understand it), I think such a summary could be
quite helpful.  At present, the document reads very much like a
technical specification -- which on the one hand is unavoidable -- but I
cannot imagine policy makers, news reporters or others of mass influence
getting through it.


David Booth, Ph.D.

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