Re: "Publishing and Linking on the Web Draft Published" in W3C news

Thanks, David!
The abstract should cover what you are looking for but let's take a look and
see if an additional Executive Summary would be beneficial.
All the best, Ashok

On 9/21/2012 3:03 PM, David Booth wrote:
> This is a comment on
> I applaud the TAG and the authors/editors (Ashok Malhotra, Larry
> Masinter, Jeni Tennison and Daniel Appelquist) for the work on this
> document.  I think this is a particularly difficult document to write,
> but very important.  Thank you!  Although I have not read it in detail,
> after skimming through it I do have one suggestion.
> How about putting an executive summary up front, with the key points in
> simple, non-technical (or minimally technical) language?
> Since this document is intended "to inform future social and legal
> discussions of the Web", and most of the people involved in such
> discussions are likely to have minimal technical understanding of the
> web (or willingness to understand it), I think such a summary could be
> quite helpful.  At present, the document reads very much like a
> technical specification -- which on the one hand is unavoidable -- but I
> cannot imagine policy makers, news reporters or others of mass influence
> getting through it.
> Thanks!

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