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Discussion of ACTION-340 (CORS, UMP, etc) at upcoming TAG F2F Noah Mendelsohn (Monday, 31 May)

MIME and the Web Larry Masinter (Sunday, 30 May)

Updated the Web Apps document ashok malhotra (Friday, 28 May)

URI for identifying a host / URN working group / W3C TAG discussion of URIs and naming Larry Masinter (Wednesday, 26 May)

Draft minutes from 20 May 2010 Appelquist, Daniel, VF-Group (Wednesday, 26 May)

Agenda for TAG teleconference of 27 May 2010 Noah Mendelsohn (Tuesday, 25 May)

Detecting Browser History from Schneier on Security Jonathan Rees (Friday, 21 May)

ACTION-340: CORS, UMP and XHR2 John Kemp (Thursday, 20 May)

Agenda for TAG teleconference of 20 May 2010 Noah Mendelsohn (Wednesday, 19 May)

Preparation for this week's TAG teleconference: F2F Agenda Preparation Noah Mendelsohn (Wednesday, 19 May)

Re: TAG requests addition to section 3.2.1 of Part 3 [#155] Mark Nottingham (Wednesday, 19 May)

Strict Transport Security Noah Mendelsohn (Tuesday, 18 May)

ACTION-432 and ACTION-422: Maps use case in client side state finding Noah Mendelsohn (Tuesday, 18 May)

Re: Minutes for 13 May TAG meeting Jonathan Rees (Tuesday, 18 May)

Re: larry's position on URIs as names Jonathan Rees (Monday, 17 May)

ACTION-420: Differences between XHTML 1.1 Basic and regular XHTML Appelquist, Daniel, VF-Group (Thursday, 13 May)

Agenda for TAG teleconference of 13 May 2010 Noah Mendelsohn (Wednesday, 12 May)

Update on resource descriptor discovery work Eran Hammer-Lahav (Wednesday, 12 May)

minutes TAG weekly 6 May for review Dan Connolly (Tuesday, 11 May)

Proposed privacy bill ashok malhotra (Monday, 10 May)

Impending web-arch issue? Nathan (Monday, 10 May)

[Bug 8220] Remove microdata bugzilla@jessica.w3.org (Thursday, 6 May)

[Bug 8220] Remove microdata bugzilla@jessica.w3.org (Thursday, 6 May)

The Emperor's new APIs: on the (in)secure usage of new client-side primitives John Kemp (Wednesday, 5 May)

Agenda for TAG teleconference of 6 May 2010 Noah Mendelsohn (Wednesday, 5 May)

progress on logic terminology for httpSemantics discussions Dan Connolly (Tuesday, 4 May)

RE: closing IRIEverywhere Grosso, Paul (Monday, 3 May)

Draft minutes for the TAG teleconference of 22 April 2010 Noah Mendelsohn (Sunday, 2 May)

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