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> TAG members:  Philippe Le Hegaret has kindly alerted me to the fact that 
> the HTML WG is soliciting proposals on decentralized extensibility, with a 
> target date of March 23 (which is the day before our F2F starts).  I will 
> schedule this for discussion on our telcon this Thursday.

Hmm... discussion of what? Just the timing? I haven't seen any
technical progress.

>   Please start 
> thinking about whether any of you (Henry?) would like to pull together 
> some sort of technical proposal and or suggestion for what position (if 
> any) the TAG should take.

Even if Henry comes up with something, there isn't (much) time for us
to read it before tomorrow's meeting.

FWIW, my own position is: I haven't seen any designs that are likely
to mature in time. I find the status quo acceptable.

By the way, the relevant tag issue ( )
has these open actions; the only one that's due this week
is administrative:

  * ACTION-356 on Noah Mendelsohn to Work with Carine Bournez to
    schedule followup meeting on xmlnames followup discussion - due
    2010-02-20, open
  * ACTION-335 on Dan Connolly to Remind us about data-* when progress
    on distributed extensibility next becomes available - due
    2010-03-15, open
  * ACTION-357 on Henry S. Thompson to Elaborate the DPD proposal to
    address comments from #xmlnames and tag f2f discussion of
    2009-12-10, particularly wrt integration with XML specs and wrt
    motivation - due 2010-03-16, open
  * ACTION-374 on Noah Mendelsohn to Schedule discussion of broader
    extensibility mechanisms question (including this) -
    due 2010-04-01, open


>   If necessary, I will suggest to the HTML WG 
> chairs that we might appreciate having a few days after the end of our 
> F2F, so that we can reach decisions there, and then write them up.
> Thank you.
> Noah

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