RE: ACTION-388 Take a look at LMM's doctype/versioning proposal

Paul: we are having a teleconference on the 18th, and I'll put it first up 
on our agenda.  Might I ask you to wait for the results of that 
discussion, which we will attempt to communicate to you promptly?

TAG members:  please look through the discussions associated with our 
ACTION-388 prior to the Thursday call, as that will maximize the chance 
that we can do a good job on this without unnecessarily delaying progress 
on the HTML WG side.

Thank you.


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        Subject:        RE: ACTION-388 Take a look at LMM's 
doctype/versioning proposal

ACTION-172 in the HTML WG is due this Thu Feb 18 and I believe it is 
awaiting input from the TAG via ACTION-388. 

Can the TAG participants working on TAG ACTION-388 give us some idea when 
you are going to complete this work so that we can make progress on 
ACTION-172 in the HTML WG?


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> Are you suggesting to change the way in which HTML5 
> documents handle PUBLID and SYSTEM IDs, as well I 
> presume as the internal subset, so that they can be
>  used in conforming text/html serialisations?

"documents" don't handle things, "processors" do.
There are XML processors and HTML5 processors.

I'm proposing to leave HTML5 processors exactly
as they are specified, not changing them one
teeny bit.

I'd like to allow *some* use cases of *some*
XML processors that use Public Identifiers and
System identifiers to define subsets they're
willing to process, and use the pubid and sysid
to identify those subsets.

Make sense?


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