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Agenda for 12th Feb 2007 TAG Meeting

Agenda for 5 February 2007 TAG telconference

Draft Agenda for 26th Feb 2007 TAG Meeting

Draft Minutes for 26th Feb 2007 TAG Meeting

Draft minutes of TAG teleconference of 12 February 2007

First thoughts about infoset elaboration

Flickr uses namespaces. or 'machine tags'. or NOT.

GRDDL Going to Last Call

IRIEverywhere-27 addressed by XQuery and other recent W3C Recommendations?

TAG weekly minutes 5 Feb 2007 for review (tagSoupIntegration-54)

Very rough draft of TAG finding on self-describing documents

WSDL 2.0 operation safety annotation in SAWSDL?

WSDL operation safety in SAWSDL?

WSEC Workshop Submission

XML Binding Language (XBL) 2.0 -- Agenda item?

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