Re: TAG Request for Change to WS Addressing Core

Mark Nottingham writes:

> Thank you, Noah; I'll record this as a CR issue and instigate 
> discussion in the WG.

Thank you!

> For my information, could you give an indication of the nature 
> and scope of "other aspects of TAG issue endPointRefs-47," 

Sure.  It's our understanding that when Mark Baker raised the issue [1], 
his concern was about the use of addressing at more than one level, I.e. 
in SOAP headers resulting from EPRs and in the native mechanisms of the 
underlying protocols such as HTTP.  Mark has several times reminded us 
[2,3] of the difference between the "don't use non-URI parms for 
identification" and the "don't address at two levels" concerns.  So, we're 
at least devoting some more discussion to the "two-level" issue.  We have 
not reached even the rough outline of a decision as to whether to do 
anything about that, and if so what.  Right now, it's at the discussion 

> and when you expect to resolve them (even in rough terms)? 
> This will help plan our future work.

I just noticed that your Candidate Rec. comment period closes next week on 
1 Nov, but as I recall that deadline was not mentioned on our telcon 
today.  I would encourage you to coordinate with Vincent Quint, our chair, 
if you have concerns about the timing of any further TAG work on this 
issue.  Minutes from today's telcon are not yet out even in draft form, 
but I expect they'd be a good place to get more details of where we stand 
for the moment. 

Thank you again for your prompt response.



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Received on Tuesday, 25 October 2005 22:41:19 UTC