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On Thu, Oct 20, 2005 at 01:20:05PM +0200, Vincent Quint wrote:
> At the end of the last TAG telcon, we were close to consensus about
> the text to ask WSA to put in their spec. Here is the last version Tim has
> put together at the end of the teleconference (see the draft minutes [1]):
> "Use of the abstract properties of an EPR other than wsa:address to identify
> resources is contrary to WebArch" For example, we note that WS-RF
> specification uses EPRs to identify information resources (such as for example
> experimental datasets in the Grid) which prevents hypertext links from being
> made to them. We said that, and then said that we realize that current tools
> may not make it easy to do things that way, e.g. because of dispatch issues.
> Reactions, comments?

Do the quotes around the first sentence indicate that it's all that's
proposed goes in the WSA spec?  Or is it the whole paragraph?

I think that even a few words about *why* it's good to only identify
with URIs, or at least suitable references to the relevant principles in
AWWW, would help.  e.g.

Other than that, it looks fine!!

It looks like this issue is nearly resolved then, and that's great.  But
again[1], I feel I have to point out that what's being resolved, while
important, is largely orthogonal to the issue that was accepted.  So
could you please create a new issue?  Thanks.


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