RE: Tunneling HTTP over SOAP

By approximately stuffing it in XML, we can have *roughly* one programming model and one wire model.   Given how much people want as simple a model as possible for Web services - though we don't do as well as we'd like some of the time - I like the simplicity in this case.  The WSDL model for describing XML + SOAP + DIME/MIME/soapwithattachments rather ... sucked.  And hey, there's more.. we're doing it architecturally right(imo) this time by making sure that xmlp and wsdl are working on the same problem at the same time.


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> If I'm reading this right, and I'm not sure I am by any means, then 
> this is another whack at the packaging problem, similar to XOP. In 
> other words the issue is how to bundle a bunch of things together in 
> one document. This does it by stuffing it all in XML. XOP stuffs it 
> all in a MIME multipart envelope. There are probably other 
> approaches. Personally I wonder if one shouldn't just use zip or jar 
> and relative URLs.
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