Re: Sections (was Re: TAG Comments on XHTML 2.0 and HLink)

Andrew Watt writes:
> Isn't it all the more odd that Ann wrote, "XHTML 2.0 retains much of
> the familiar because that familiar is practical, useful, and
> comfortable. There is no need to reinvent paragraphs, bulleted lists,
> and other simple document structures. " when, in fact, they are ...
> at least as far as structure is concerned .... potentially going to
> be significantly altered?

I think you've mistaken a minor tweak for a major architectural change.
People have used divs for sections for years, and complained that there
was no good way to indicate a headline in that structure.  This is
pretty trivial stuff.

> I wonder if the HTML user community will be at least as concerned
> about those changes as the supposed concern about XLink. :)

I doubt it.

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