Suggested alternate wording re XLink

A correspondant suggested that a recasting of the recent TAG opinion 
that would have been less controversial might have run as follows:

"the sense of the TAG is that we are not convinced by the XHTML
  critique of the implications of XLink, and wanted to get our
  tentative conclusion that HLink was the wrong way to go on the

I'd sign up for that, too; among other things it makes clear that we in 
fact are aware of the criticisms of XLink.  I can't speak for the TAG of 
course, and suspect that others wouldn't be comfy with one or more 
aspects of the above.  And I certainly did also sign up for the opinion 
we released.  -Tim

BTW: my correspondent is visible on this list and should take credit for 
his ideas.

Received on Thursday, 26 September 2002 13:22:00 UTC