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<use> target/currentTarget handling

<use> test struct-use-12-f_hover.svg

[Bug 9648] New: typo in dom_animate.svg

[Bug 9648] typo in dom_animate.svg

[Bug 9687] New: "meet" should be a terminal symbol in the preserveAspectRatio definition

[Bug 9697] New: media elements in SVG need ability to associate captions and description

about limitingConeAngle anti-alias effect

Diffusion Curves

feDisplacementMap out of bounds

From Window coordinates to ViewBox coordinates

Incorrect HTML5+SVG tests (Microsoft)

Interim strategies for no SMIL (and other?) support in IE9

marker direction if average direction is zero?

Minutes, 10 may 2010 SVG telcon

Minutes, 6 May SVG telcon

Minutes, SVG WG Brussels f2f day 4 (Monday)

Open SVG F2F Day

SMIL Animation - documentbegin and DOM tree modified

SVG 1.1 (second edition) paced animateTransform

SVG DOM 2 : JS createFragment

SVG Filters 2

SVG Fonts [Re: Minutes, SVG WG Brussels f2f day 4 (Monday)]

SVG view specification

SVG views in values lists

SVG WG Telecon Meeting Notes 5/10/2010

textArea and bounding box

Transformation to HSL/HSV (Re: SVG Filters 2)

Unitless lengths in SVG and CSS

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