Re: [css-forms][css-ui] Styling native components, a proposal

This is an important topic and a great start for discussion. What I miss is
a closer look at the possible response of “take it or leave it.”

There are not only many technical challenges to overcome on the spec and
implementation sides, but the styling of controls oftentimes (most of the
times?) leads to usability issues on the user end as well. Furthermore it
doesn’t seem clear how many developers need this for what (many don’t), nor
what the drawbacks will be for, coming back a tiny circle, the spec and

I have voiced complexity concerns in the past [1,2], and believe they’re
valid here, too. I worry the price tag for this is too steep, and I don’t
believe in features at any cost.

I’m curious about yours and the group’s thoughts.


Jens Oliver Meiert

Received on Thursday, 31 March 2016 08:41:03 UTC