[css-extensions] rename to prevent confusion with proprietary extensions

Please rename CSS Extensions to something else. I hesitate to propose this, since once someone adopts a name it's highly unlikely it will ever be changed except through merger or equivalent. But the term "CSS extensions" is in much wider use to refer to something else entirely, namely, branded CSS properties proprietarily implemented before W3C adapts them (e.g., -moz-* or -webkit-*). The duality of meaning makes searching in Google for discussions of the CSS Extensions specification (a spec for making stylesheets more concise by assigning shared terminology) much more cumbersome and less likely to be fruitfully pursued by developers. An example of the problem was when I searched in caniuse.com for any use of your spec, but it doesn't report on it (I have requested that they add such reports).

Perhaps the spec can be renamed to CSS Concision.

Thank you.


Received on Thursday, 31 March 2016 08:40:10 UTC