Re: [css-grid] Positioned items and grid lines


On 26/04/16 22:13, Mats Palmgren wrote:
> I explained my reasoning in detail in the bug:
> On 2016-04-26 20:50, Tab Atkins Jr. wrote:
>> The "0th track" that exists on either side
>> of the grid for abspos positioning purposes goes stretches from the
>> last implicit grid line to the padding edge; it doesn't just occupy
>> the padding area.
> There is nothing in the spec to support that.
> Again, I see nothing in the spec that suggests line 1 and line -1
> should be treated differently from other lines.
> The rendering in Firefox is the logical outcome from the spec.
> I.e. treat all lines the same.

Sorry but I didn't get what you mean before, I think I got it now.
I'm attaching a new image with the rendering in Chrome vs the one in

I understand now what you mean about the lines 1 and -1 in the case
we've "justify-content: space-evenly;".
For example you think that we should treat line 1 as a "fat line", the
same than we do with line 2. So line 1 would stretch from 50px to 100px.
The same than line 2 stretches from 200px to 250px.
I see it can make sense in a case like space-evenly, I've more doubts in
cases like space-around (each line will have different width) or center.

However, in the first example with "justify-content: start;" the fact
that the last line is a "fat line" too strikes me as odd from the user
point of view.

Anyway, I believe we need some kind of decision from the spec editors
and/or CSS WG about what's the expected behavior for these situations,
and probably a more specific wording on the spec.


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