RE: [css-flexbox] Abspos change web compat risk

> Hey everyone,
> I brought this up to Tab at the CSS F2F meeting that the change to how abspos items are placed in a flex container broke Google docs. We now have a bug that has broken for the same issue, here is a reduction[1] of the issue.
> I personally agree with the change as it makes sense with all of the align-content props that are in flex and grid. I personally don't think we should revert 
> this change, but also wanted to have a WG discussion regarding it.
> At this point, IE is the only one that has made this change (that I'm aware of) so I have attached a screenshot to show the issue as well (I don't believe this 
> change made it into the tech preview) for discussion.
> [1],css,output

Hey everyone,

It has been over a year with no other implementation of this aspect of the spec besides Microsoft Edge, so I figured I'd provide an update. We continue to see bugs incoming due to this inconsistency. If anyone here that represents a browser vendor could please encourage their flex developers to make this change so that we can keep this capability for abspos flex items. I fear that if Blink/Gecko/Webkit wait too much longer the web compat pain will be too high and may require a specification change and create an inconsistent model between that of flex & grid.

Here is a good testcase for this change:,css,output

Here are the relative bugs on the vendors for this change:



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