Re: [css-scoping] Update ::slotted (section 3.2.3)

On Wed, Mar 9, 2016 at 11:34 PM, Takayoshi Kochi <> wrote:
> ::content is gone, and in Shadow DOM v1 world, ::slotted() will replace it.
> The discussion happened here:
> Now it seems the spec update is halfway done.
> * the hash anchor should be #slotted-pseudo :)
> * It is "::slotted()" and takes one compound selector as an argument, and it
> cannot be omitted
> * ISSUE 7 is already resolved (only compound selector is allowed, no
> combinator)
> * EXAMPLE 7 should use slot="..." and <slot name="..."> instead of <content
> select="...">
> * The second paragraph after EXAMPLE 7's HTML example is no longer necessary
> Tab, could you update the text?

Done.  This ended up being a pretty big edit to bring the spec in line
with the new concepts in Shadow DOM and toss out the old ones, so I'd
appreciate review.  In addition to the ::slotted section, I updated
section 3.1 and added section 3.1.2 - if you could verify that
everything is correct there, I'd appreciate it.


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