Re: [css-speech] Splitting into Level 1 and Level 2

How much does user agents care about fully implementing a level before
going for the next one?

fantasai skrev:
> While I think the CSS Speech module defines a really cool processing
> model for speech rendering of a document, we don't have much in the
> way of implementations. Also I suspect that a good speech stylesheet--
> one that enhanced, rather than interfered with, the speech user
> experience--would be hard to create without a better understanding of
> the "default UA stylesheet" and a fair amount of specialized training,
> so would be beyond the capabilities of most authors.
> However, I think the 'speak' and 'speak-as' properties would be very
> useful to have in the general authoring toolkit. The 'speak' property
> in particular allows speech rendering to have different hiding/showing
> of content than visual layout, without any weird hacks. So I'm thinking
> maybe we should split CSS Speech into two levels:
>   Level 1: 'speak' and 'speak-as'
>   Level 2: Everything currently in the spec.
> This might encourage implementation of 'speak' and 'speak-as' in
> browsers.
> Thoughts?
> ~fantasai

Received on Saturday, 27 June 2015 12:50:18 UTC