Re: [CSSWG] [css-cascade] CSS Cascading and Inheritance: Updated L3 CR, FPWD L4

On 06/19/2015 09:14 PM, Marat Tanalin wrote:
> 20.06.2015, 01:51, "fantasai" <>:
>> Cascading L4 has one major open issue:
>> the keyword name 'default' conflicts with a value of the 'cursor' property
>> So we need a new keyword. Opinions and suggestions welcome.
> `ua-default` looks most clear and natural (this is the first option that came to my mind _before_ reading the related discussion you've mentioned). There is a user agent (not necessarily a browser, so `browser-default` would be just incorrect), there are default values specific to each user agent, expanded `user-agent-default` would be too long, just `user-agent` (without the `-default` part) would probably be somewhat ambiguous/unclear (e.g. someone could expect that `user-agent` value means "put the user-agent string here").
> `default-value` is acceptable too, though probably not as straightforward as `ua-default`.

The problem with ua-default or any such thing is that it's only
correct terminology for the effect when it's used in a user-level
style sheet. If it's used in a author- or user-level style sheet,
it does not return the value to the UA default value.

The problem with 'default-value' is that it's inconsistent with
the other global keywords, which are not called 'unset-value',
'initial-value', etc.


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