Re: [css-grid] row-gap/column-gap issues

On 06/17/2015 12:49 AM, Greg Whitworth wrote:
>fantasai wrote:
>>     Issue 2: Should we have a shorthand? What should it be called?
>>              ('border-spacing' is unavailable because it inherits)
> I second the need for it to start with grid (Rachel's suggestion),
> but would like it to be grid-track-gap, since grid-gap may make
> people initially think that it has to do with the overall gap of
> the outer grid, not necessarily the tracks as well. I may be
> overthinking this though.

I think, barring any significant confusion, I'd have a preference for
keeping it shorter.

Also, since row-gap is shared with multi-col, it's theoretically possible
we might share this shorthand with something else in the future (though
I can't think what, other than tables, which already have 'border-spacing'
for this purpose). And in that case, having a slightly less specific name
is better.

Starting with grid- is especially good considering we've consensus so far
on resetting it in the grid shorthand. :)


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