Re: [css-transforms] Scale property

On 06/17/2015 04:06 AM, Shane Stephens wrote:
> Hi list,
> Should 'scale: 2' be equivalent to 'transform: scale(2)' or 'transform: scale(2, 1)'?
> Clearly, 'scale: 2 2' should not expand to 'transform: scale3D(2, 2, 2)'. Is it better to be inconsistent between the one
> value and two value cases of the scale property, or to be inconsistent between the scale property and the scale transform
> function?

scale: 2 should scale in both dimensions.

a) Makes way more sense as a first impression
b) Matches the way scale() handles having only one argument!
c) Omitted values in CSS for symmetric properties are usually repeated, not defaulted.
    (I screwed this up for background-size, please don't copy the mistake. :)


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