Re: [css-grid] row-gap/column-gap issues


On 06/16/2015 03:44 AM, fantasai wrote:
> So with some prompting from Rachel Andrews I finally did that today. :)

I think this addition is great, just mention that a similar effect can
be done via Content Distribution alignment, but having something to add
directly to the grid syntax would be more powerful, indeed.

> Except, as per usual, I ran into some issues.
>   Issue 1: Should 'normal' (the initial value of 'row-gap') compute to '0'?
>     I say yes, since this would be simpler for authors. Other opinions
> welcome.

Yes, I agree it'd be the best option. I wonder, though, which effect it
would have an 'auto' value for this property. I mean, trying not to be
redundant with Content Distribution alignment.

>   Issue 2: Should we have a shorthand? What should it be called?
>            ('border-spacing' is unavailable because it inherits)
>     Please go ahead and bikeshed this one...

track-margin ?

>   Issue 3: Should the 'grid' shorthand reset the gap properties?
>     I say yes, because we want shorthands to give a "blank slate" for
> related
>     properties, and resetting the grid should probably also reset the
> gutters.

Sounds sensible to me,

> Comments welcome~

Should we have any overflow handling logic for these gaps ? Perhaps
something similar to what Box Alignment provides, so we can reduce
proportionally all gaps to fit in container's size.

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