Re: [css-containment] "contain:layout" mixed with "display:inline" and block-in-inline

On 06/10/2015 03:36 PM, Tab Atkins Jr. wrote:
> Actually, we need to formatting-contextify blocks, too.  Otherwise the
> internals of the block *can* affect the layout of things outside, via
> pushing later floats around.

I think this may already be covered by the spec text that says "The
element must be a formatting context". (?)

(though maybe that text needs massaging)

> Since we have to FC blocks, and I think FC is *sufficient* to fix
> inlines, we should probably just go for that, rather than
> blockification.
> (Though I then need to define what it means to FCify a ruby, I guess.
> Maybe it falls back to blockifying when it can't directly FCify the
> display type.)

Is there documentation anywhere on what it means to FCify a
"display:inline" element?

(I think you're asserting it means "change the element to have
"display:inline-block".  This seems reasonable; I'm just wondering
whether that's specced anywhere yet.)

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